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                                                          TN-100 Portable Turbidity MeterTN series of scattering light turbidity meter is used for measuring suspended in water

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                                                          TN-100 Portable Turbidity Meter

TN series of scattering light turbidity meter is used for measuring suspended in water or in transparent liquids insoluble particulate matter generated by the scattering degree, and can content quantitative standard permits these suspended particles of matter. Can be widely used for measuring turbidity in power plants, pure water plant, water plant sewage treatment plants, beverage plants, environmental protection departments, industrial water, wine industry and the pharmaceutical industry, epidemic prevention departments, hospitals and other departments.
Technical indexes
Measurement principle: 90 ° scattered light
Minimum indication (NTU): 0.1
Measuring range : 0 ~ 200NTU 
Indication error: ± 8% (± 2.5% F.S)
Repeat-ability: ≤0.8%
Zero drift: ± 0.8% F.S
Special Features pure water, low turbidity analysis, good stability, maintenance-free universal, wide measurement range, special water, good stability
Weight: 2.2KG
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 250mm
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LED display full English, English menu operation
Multi-parameter display in the screen: It displays several parameters in the same screen, including turbidity, output current, time and status
History curve: The secondary meter can save the measurement data automatically every 5 minutes, and can store the turbidity/sludge concentration data of one consecutive month.
Intelligent: ZDYG-2088Y/T industrial turbidity / Sludge concentration meter uses high precision AD conversion and single chip range micro-processing technology, and has such functions as turbidity measurement, automatic switch of measurement and self-check of the instrument.
Strong interference immunity: Photoelectric coupling separation technology is used for the current output, providing high resistance against interference and allowing for long transmission. It also has high electromagnetic compatibility.
Waterproof and dust-proof design: The protection grade is IP65, and it is suitable for outdoor use.
RS485 communication interface: It can be easily connected to a computer to perform monitoring and communication

Technical indexes
1. Measuring range: 0~100NTU, 0~500NTU,0~1000NTU,0~3000NTU
                 0~ 1000mg/L, 0~ 3000mg/L, 0~50000 mg/L
2. Resolution: 0.01NTU,0.1NTU,1NTU; 0.1mg/L, 1mg/L
3. Accuracy: ± 2%
4. Isolated current output: 4~20 mA(load <750 Ω)
5. Alarm relay: AC 220V, 7A
6. Communication interface: RS485(optional)
7. Power supply:AC220±22V,50±1Hz,DC24V±2.4(optional)
8. Protection grade: IP65
9. Data storage:1 month(1point/5minute)
10. Power-down memory: 10 years
11. Weight: 0.8kg
12. Overall dimension: 146 (length)x146(width)×108(depth)mm
   Dimension of the hole: 138x138 mm
13. Working conditions: ambient temperature: 0-60ºC;  relative humidity <85%
14.Installation type of sensor: Flow-through or immerged(specified when ordering)

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