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DOG-3082YA Industrial Online Optical  Dissolved Oxygen MeterDOG-3082YA on-line fluorescent dissolved oxygen analyzer is our company's new generation of all Chinese microcomputer based high-grade instrument, the principle of fluorescence method, maintenance free, no electrolyte solution added&comm

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DOG-3082YA Industrial Online Optical  Dissolved Oxygen Meter

DOG-3082YA on-line fluorescent dissolved oxygen analyzer is our company's new generation of all Chinese microcomputer based high-grade instrument, the principle of fluorescence method, maintenance free, no electrolyte solution added, no anode, cathode cleaning or replacement, no measurement drift.
DOG-3082YA has the characteristics of full Chinese display, Chinese menu operation, full intelligence, multi function, high measuring performance, environmental adaptability and so on. Can be widely used in sewage treatment plants, water plants and other industries of the liquid oxygen content measurement of special equipment.

Basic functions and features

Notepad function:Recording the operation of the instrument and the use of the alarm and the time of the alarm, easy to manage.

The function of historical curve and digital recorder:The secondary meter automatically store a measurement data per 5
minutes, can be stored for a month of dissolved oxygen value. On one screen, it provides two ways of "historical curve" and "fixed point". The "historical curve" reflects the changing trend and process of water quality in general, which is favorable for finding problems and solving problems. The function of "fixed point" will get the value of dissolved oxygen in a specific point and time.

Digital clock function:Displays the current time, provides the time reference for the digital recorder function.

Back-light function :Can be used in the light of the dim or completely no bright environment, according to the temperature change, automatic adjustment contrast to the most clear, in order to meet the personal habits.
To prevent the collapse of the program:Watchdog program to ensure that the instrument will not crash, which is the basic requirements of online instrumentation.

Output current setting and check function:Manual current source function, can check and arbitrary set the output current value, easy to detect the recorder and the lower machine.

Full intelligent:DOG-3082YA on-line fluorescence method for dissolved oxygen meter with high precision AD conversion and micro processing technology, can complete dissolved oxygen value measurement, automatic conversion range, instrument self-test and other functions.
High reliability: Components integrated into a circuit board, there is no complex function switch, adjust the knob and potentiometer.

Strong anti-interference ability:The current output by the photoelectric coupling isolation technology, strong anti-interference ability, realize remote transmission. Has good electromagnetic compatibility.

Waterproof and dust proof design:Protection level IP65, suitable for outdoor use.

RS485 communication interface:Can be linked to computer monitoring and communication.

Full English display, friendly interface:Adopt the high resolution of the lattice graphics LCD module, all data, state and operation instructions are displayed in Chinese, no symbol or code defined by manufacturers.
Simple menu structure, text - style table dialog:Compared with the traditional instrument, the DOG-3082YA function adds a lot of steps and operation sequence, you can use the manual, follow the prompts on the screen can be operated.

Multi parameter simultaneous display:At the same time, the dissolved oxygen value, output current, time and state are displayed on a screen. The main display to the specifications of the 10X10mm display values of dissolved oxygen value: eye-catching, visual distance, three sub display display output current, status, week, month, and seconds to 5x5 specifications, to meet the user's different habits and provide second time reference.

 Technical Indexes 
1,Measuring range:(0~20.00)mg/L,(-10~55.0)ºC,adopt Optical DO Sensor;
4,Current isolated output: 4~20 mA(load<750Ω );
6,Output current error:≤±1%FS;
7,Alarm relay:AC220V,7A;
8,RS485communication interface(optional);
9,Power supply:AC220V±22V ,50Hz±1Hz;
   DC24±2.4V,1A (optional);
10,Protection grade:IP65;
11,Clock accuracy: ± 1minute/month;
12,Data storage: 1 month(1unit/5minutes);
13,Data continuous saving time for power down:10years;
    Opening dimension:138×138 mm;
15,Weight: 0.8kg ;
16,Working condition:Ambient temperature: 0~60ºC   Relative humidity: <85%;
17,Sensor installation method: the distribution or the type of the sensor, please specify when the order is not specified by the sinking type

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