Laboratory dissolved oxygen meter JPB-607A

Laboratory Dissolved Oxygen Meter, oxygen analyzers.Specifications:1. Measuring rangeDissolved oxygen: (0.0~20.0)mg/LTemperature: (0.0~40.0)° C2. Accuracy:Dissolved oxygen: ± 0.30 mg/LTemperature: ± 0.5° C± 1 digit3. Residual current<=0.10 mg/L4. Response time<=45s(90%respond at

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Laboratory Dissolved Oxygen Meter, oxygen analyzers.
Laboratory Dissolved Oxygen Meter JPB-607A
1. Measuring range
Dissolved oxygen: (0.0~20.0)mg/L
Temperature: (0.0~40.0)° C
2. Accuracy:
Dissolved oxygen: ± 0.30 mg/L
Temperature: ± 0.5° C± 1 digit
3. Residual current<=0.10 mg/L
4. Response time<=45s(90%respond at 20° C)
5. Stability: (± 0.10mg/L )/3h
6. Salinity calibration range: (0.0~35.0)g/L
7. Temperature compensation range: Automatic(0.0~40.0)° C
8. Power supply: 2 alkaline batteries of model 5
9. Dimension(mm): 165× 75× 30
10. Net Weight: 0.3kg
11. Case outside serial No: WXS-A004-1
Package Size: 260X260X200mm
Gross Weight: 2kg.
Laboratory Dissolved Oxygen Meter JPB-607A
1. 3 1/2 LCD display(blue backlight selectable)
2. Automatic temperature compensation and quick response
3. It supports zero oxygen and full scale calibration
4. It is portable for easy use.
5. It is equipped with DO-958-S dissolved oxygen sensor.
ParametersConcentration/saturation/ °CConcentration/ °C  
RangeDO0.00 ~ 19.99mg/L0.0 ~ 20.0mg/L
DO Saturation0.0 ~ 199.9%_
Temperature0.0 ~ 40.0 °C
DO Saturation±10%FS_
Temperature± 0.5 °C± 0.5 °C
Response Time≤45s ( 90% respond at 20°C )
Residual Current≤0.10mg/L
Temperature CompensationAutomatic:  0 ~ 40 °C
Salinity CalibrationYes0.0 ~ 35.0g /L
Zero offset /Full scale calibrationYes
Barometric pressureYes_
Data Storage500 data with time-and-date stamp_
View, delete and printYes_
DisplayBacklit LCD with operation indicationBacklit LCD
Under-voltage indicationYes_
PowerFour AA batteriesTwo AA batteries
Dimension ( mm ), Weight( kg )510×360×210 , 5260×260×200 , 2

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Laboratory Dissolved Oxygen Meter JPB-607A
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Laboratory Dissolved Oxygen Meter JPB-607A
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Laboratory Dissolved Oxygen Meter JPB-607A
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