Digital Online pH Meter and pH Analyzer (PHG-3081)

            Digital online pH meter&pH analyzer (PHG-3081)           PHG-3081 industrial pH meter is our latest generation of microprocessor-based instrument, with English display,menu operation, a high intelligent, multi-function, high measurement performance, envi

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            Digital online pH meter&pH analyzer (PHG-3081)
           Digital Online pH Meter&pH Analyzer (PHG-3081)
PHG-3081 industrial pH meter is our latest generation of microprocessor-based instrument, with English display,
menu operation, a high intelligent, multi-function, high measurement performance, environmental adaptability and
other characteristics. It is a highly intelligent online continuous monitoring instrument, integrate with the sensor
and the second meter. Can be equipped with three composite or two composite electrodes to meet a variety of
sites. Can be widely used for continuous monitoring of pH value for thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy,
environmental protection, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and water and other solution.
New design, Aluminium shell, Metal texture.
1.Intelligent: This industrial pH meter adopts high-precision AD conversion and single chip microcomputer processing
technologies and can be used for the measurement of the pH values and temperature, automatic temperature
compensation and self-checking.
2.Reliability: All the components are arranged on one circuit board. No complicated functional switch, adjusting knob
or potentiometer arranged on this instrument.
3.Double high impedance input: The latest components are adopted; The impedance of the double high impedance
input can reach as high as l012Ω . It has strong interference immunity.
4.Solution grounding: This can eliminate all the disturbance of the ground circuit.
5.Isolated current output: Optoelectronic isolating technology is adopted. This meter has strong interference immunity
and the capacity of long-distance transmission.
5.Communication interface: It can be easily connected to a computer to perform monitoring and communication.
6.Automatic temperature compensation: It performs automatic temperature compensation when the temperature is
within the range of 0~99.9
7.Water proof and dust-proof design: Its protection grade is IP54. It is applicable for outdoor use.
8.Display, menu and notepad: It adopts menu operation, which is like that in a computer. It can be easily operated
only according to the prompts and without guidance of the operation manual.
9.Multi-parameter display: The pH values, input mV values (or output current values), temperature, time and status
can be displayed on the screen at the same time.

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Digital Online pH Meter&pH Analyzer (PHG-3081)
Technical Indexes
1. Measuring range: PH value: 0~14.00pH; Division value: 0.01pH
          Electric potential value: ± 1999.9mV; Division value: 0.1mV
                        Temperature: 0~99.9ºC; Division value: 0.1ºC
2. Range for automatic temperature compensation: 0~99.9ºC, with 25 ºC as the reference temperature
3. Water sample tested: 0~99.9 ºC, 0.6Mpa
4. Automatic temperature compensation error of the electronic unit: ± 0 03pH
5. Repeatability error of the electronic unit: ± 0.02pH
6. Stability: ± 0.02pH/24h
7. Input impedance: ≥ 1X1012Ω
8. Clock accuracy: ± 1 minute/month
9. Isolated current output: 0~10mA(load <1 5kΩ ), 4~20mA(load <750Ω )
10. Output current error: ≤ ± L%FS
11. The data storage capacity: 1 month (1 point/5 minutes)
12. High and low alarm relays: AC 220V, 3A
13. Communication interface: RS485 or 232 (optional)
14. Power supply: AC 220V± 22V, 50Hz± 1Hz, 24VDC(optional)
15. Protection grade: IP65, Alluminium shell for outdoor use
16. Overall dimension: 146 (length) X 146 (width) X 150 (depth) mm; Dimension of the hole: 138 X 138mm
17. Weight: 1.5kg
18. Working conditions: Ambient temperature: 0~60ºC; Relative humidity <85%
19. It can be equipped with a 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 electrode.

Digital Online pH Meter&pH Analyzer (PHG-3081)

Digital Online pH Meter&pH Analyzer (PHG-3081)

Digital Online pH Meter&pH Analyzer (PHG-3081)


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