EndressHauser Introduces OUSBT66 Cell Density Sensor

2022-05-28 14:06:41 By : Ms. Annie Li

The OUSBT66 sensor employs NIR optical absorption for real-time cell density, biomass or algae measurement in life sciences, fermentation and biofuel applications.

Endress+Hauser introduces the OUSBT66 sensor for cell density measurement. Using near-Infrared (NIR) light absorbance technology, the OUSBT66 is a non-intrusive, hygienic sensor that is ideal for real time, in-situ cell production optimization in life science processes, fermentation biomass measurement and algae growth monitoring for biofuel production.

Rapid and accurate measurement of cell growth activity in cultures is critical to identify the end of the log growth phase and the achieving of stationary phase. The sensor monitors cell density in real time to avoid transitioning to the process death phase.

Biomass concentration is one of the most critically needed measurements in fermentation processes, and it is also one of the most difficult and unreliable values to measure. The sensor provides an easy and reliable method for biomass concentration measurement. Proteins, carbohydrates, nutrients, and lipids produced through algae growth can be converted into biodiesel, green diesel, jet fuels, other fuels, and many other useful products. The sensor offers a unique method for monitoring algae growth levels.

The OUSBT66 sensor uses proven optical sensor technology. The sensor emits light in the NIR region using an LED light source. On the detector side of the sensor the light is filtered to 880 nm. The level of 880 nm light detected by the receiving sensor can be directly correlated to the density of cells in the process.

The body of the hygienic OUSBT66 sensor is constructed of 316L stainless steel, with a polished surface finish Ra<32 µ-inches (<0.76 µm). The only other material in the sensor head is the sapphire sensor windows. The measuring head, which contains the LED light source and optical sensor, is hermetically sealed and capable of withstanding CIP, SIP and autoclaving.

The OUSBT66 can be operated continuously up to 158 ºF (70ºC), and exposed to temperatures up to 275 ºF (135ºC) with the lamp turned off for CIP, SIP or steam sterilization in an autoclave.

The OUSBT66 sensor operates in conjunction with the Memograph CVM40 graphic transmitter and recorder. The CVM40 includes a full color graphic display. With a built-in web server, fieldbus communications (Profibus and Modbus), USB interface, TCP/IP, OPC and Ethernet, this transmitter will integrate with control systems in numerous ways.

The CVM40 transmitter input/output capability includes six digital input channels and two universal analog inputs to support a range of measurements. The CVM40 can be field or panel mounted. The CVM40 can also be freely programmed with math functions and linearization capability to output in a preferred unit of measure.

Calibration and Installation When ordered, the sensor and transmitter are tested and calibrated together as a system at the Endress+Hauser analytical production facility in Anaheim, California, an ISO accredited facility, ensuring optimum performance.

The OUSBT66 is easy to install and commission. The sensor can be installed directly in a fermentation vessel with the appropriate fitting, or mounted in a pipe. The interconnect cable employs a Fischer® locking connector on the sensor end is easily wired to the transmitter. The menu-guided interface on the CVM40 allows the sensor to be set up quickly. Interface to the transmitter can also be accomplished using a keyboard and the USB port on the transmitter.

For more information, visit www.us.endress.com/#product/OUSBT66.

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